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Understanding Our Treaties

Understanding Our Treaties is a new initiative launched in mid-September 2020 and aims to engage Indigenous emerging leaders and all Canadians to learn about treaties through an interactive hands on learning experience. 
To enhance its youth engagement, public information and education initiatives, the Treaty Commission partnered with the Gordon Foundation, and other partners including Canada, Nisga’a Lisims Government, Land Claims Agreements Coalition (LCAC), Yukon First Nations and Yukon Government to create the Understanding Our Treaties website. This is online resource to support and expand the Gordon Foundation in-person simulation model, and is complementary to the Treaty Commission's mock negotiations engagements.
In February 2020, the Treaty Commission also supported the second Treaty Negotiation and Implementation Simulation, hosted by the Gordon Foundation at the national LCAC conference. This simulation was delivered to emerging Indigenous leaders from British Columbia, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. It provided an experiential learning opportunity, and a chance for youth to connect with and learn from experts in treaty implementation and negotiations.
The Treaty Commission values young leaders and encourages the next generation of leaders to get involved and support the advancement of Indigenous self-determination and self-government through modern treaties. Their leadership and contributions are essential to the success of the negotiations, ratification, and implementation of modern treaties. It is critical that emerging leaders be part of leading and shaping this future for today and future generations.
Explore Understanding Our Treaties to learn about treaties and prepare to take part in a Treaty Negotiation and Implementation Simulation, with all learning materials provided in video, audio, and illustrated form.

What's the Deal with Treaties?


What's the Deal with Treaties? educational kit introduces the important concepts of treaty making in British Columbia, and includes a publication and a 20-minute video. The kit is intended to be used in Social 10 and First Nations 12 classes.

To request hard copies please call 604.482.9200, toll free 1.855.482.9200 or email

Nisga'a Dancing in Both Worlds


Nisga’a Dancing in Both Worlds, is a 44-minute video that documents the strong efforts of the Nisga'a people, in court and at negotiating tables, to reclaim their ancestral lands through the first modern treaty in British Columbia.

Filmmakers John Bassett and Rosalind Farber made numerous trips to Nisga'a territory beginning in 2003 to document Nisga'a history, their struggle, and life since the Nisga'a treaty was implemented in May 2000. Find out more about the Nisga'a Lisims Government.

In 2010, The BC Treaty Commission and Surrey School District marked the ten-year anniversary of the Nisga’a treaty with the release of a comprehensive wiki site on the Nisga'a. Unfortunately, wikispace has since ended its services in 2018. The site worked hand-in-hand with lessons plans and the ministry-approved video. This resource is relevant to Social Studies 10, 11, First Nations 12, and Social Justice 12.



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